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Why does my team need video?

Video is one of the most important learning tools for student athletes & coaches. By having video of your games you will be able to learn from the good plays & bad to prepare for the next game.


Why does my son or daughter need video for college?

If your son or daughter wants to play at the collegiate level then you should start gathering Game Film & creating a Player Highlight Reel as early as Freshman Year. Scouts want to see the progression of the player's gameplay over the years to see what type of athlete your son or daughter has become. Start the process early so you don't have to scramble senior year.

Can I use footage not filmed by you in my highlight reels?

Absolutely! We are completely capable of piecing together footage from any type of video file or video link provided to our editing team. 


Do you zoom in on one player when filming for a player highlight reel?

Most of our games are filmed for coaching purposes so they are filmed from a wider angle and following the action. We can however film just your son or daughter if that is what is needed. From our Game Film that we film for coaching purposes we are completely capable of pulling highlights from this footage as well.


Is the footage editable?

All of our footage is delivered in a .MOV or .MP4 format which is editable.


How do I submit plays for a highlight reel?

When submitting plays from a video that is online please provide us the following in an email.


1/21/16 Spartans @ Jaguars

1:00-1:05 (pass)

24:09-24:20 (goal)

etc etc.

How many videographers do you shoot each event with?

Game Film Pros provides each game with 1 of our professional videographers to film your each of your game(s). If you need another videographer please contact us.

Does your company film from an elevated position?

Game Film Pros will film from any elevation on or near the field. This could be a bleacher, press box, or lift (if provided). If none of the following are available our videographer will set up on the sideline.

How long does it take to receive my Game Film?

Game Film Pros turnaround for Game Films range depending on the contract. Our typical turnaround is 2-12 hours after the game. We do have an option to give the SD card to the coach right after the game as well.

How will my Game Film be delivered?

Game Film Pros delivers your Game Film(s) multiple ways:,, or SD card after the game

How many days notice do you need to book us for a Game Film?

Most of the time we can accommodate within 24 hours.

We prefer that you give us at least 3-5 day notice.

Do you live stream events?

We do not live stream events at the moment.

Our videography service is a very fast turnaround however.

Do you film tournaments?

Yes we do! If we aren't filming at a tournament we are capable of using that footage to help you create / edit your player highlight reel.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

The best way to contact us is via text for an instant response....856.577.1875

The 2nd best way would be

Phone calls will be returned via text or email.

Are you hiring new freelance videographers?

Please shoot us an email about hiring. Depending on the time of the year we might be hiring new freelancers. Please make sure you email us your resume, experience and availability.

Do you film just home games? or can you film away games?

We can film both home and away games!

Anywhere in New Jersey & Parts of  PA 

What kind of experience do your videographers have?

Our videographers are all college graduates and have either a TV or film degree. Most of our videographers have been on our team

for 2 or more years and have filmed many games.

My team needs to review the footage right after the game. Can you upload to our hudl account or give us the footage directly after the game?

Game Film Pros can provide an SD card and give it to the coach directly after the game. Each additional game we film the coach or client is responsible for bringing that SD card to each game. We will not film using a teams or schools SD card due to issues that are not controllable on our end.  We can upload to Hudl, Vimeo, or Dropbox.

This ensures a very fast  and fluid turnaround.

Do we need to contact your videographer before game time?

Nope, our videographer will have all the information provided by you before game time. They will set up at least 20 minutes early and blend in with the crowd. If you need anything from us please feel free to text Tom to answer any questions....856.577.1875. He will contact the videographer instantly if any changes have been made

How do we pay?

A contract will be emailed to you which you can fill out online. The invoice can be paid via PayPal or by check. If paying by check please mail payments to:

Game Film Pros

PO BOX 726

Maple Shade NJ 08052

Is Game Film Pros fully licensed and insured?

We are indeed! If you have any questions about this please contact us via email.

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